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Helicopter Safety

Safety Management

At Helicopter Tour Boston, your safety is our top priority! We're dedicated to delivering a secure, reliable, and benchmark-setting experience in performance, comfort, and luxury.

Our unwavering commitment to safety draws from decades of aviation expertise. We've carefully crafted procedures, standards, and best practices to provide our passengers with unparalleled peace of mind. Helicopter Tour Boston's Safety Management exceeds conventional norms, emphasizing audits and risk assessments to consistently showcase our steadfast commitment to the highest safety standards.

Industry Experience

At Helicopter Tour Boston, we bring more than six decades of aviation history to life, crafting experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our collective industry experience, spanning over 60 years, is the bedrock of our commitment to delivering unparalleled adventures and instilling a deep understanding of the intricacies that define the world of aviation.

Our team is composed of industry veterans with diverse backgrounds, including VIP services, charter operations, tours, and proficiency in both airline and military aviation, with notable service in the Air Force. This wealth of knowledge is the foundation upon which we curate exceptional and unforgettable experiences for our passengers. Whether soaring above the city of Boston or enjoying panoramic views of its iconic landmarks, our seasoned professionals ensure that every journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Our Staff Prioritizes Safety

Bob Brew
Director of Maintenance

Braveen Mahendran
Chief Pilot

Flight Training with Blue Hill Helicopters

Safety at Helicopter Tour Boston begins with our pilot training initiative, underscoring our steadfast commitment to the highest safety standards. Our pilots are not just skilled; they are FAA-certified instructors, bringing extensive experience to the cockpit. Beyond conducting helicopter tours, they play an active role in instructing students at our flight school, Blue Hill Helicopters.

We prioritize safety through weekly safety meetings and annual training sessions. Our pilots hold the highest level of FAA medical certification, and their participation in our rigorous alcohol and drug program reflects our commitment to safety at every level.

Pilot Experience

Our experienced team actively engages in training the next generation of aviators at our esteemed flight school, Blue Hill Helicopters. This dedication to sharing our knowledge not only shapes the future of aviation but also enhances our ability to craft unique and thrilling adventures for our guests.

What truly sets us apart is the active involvement of our management as industry pilots. This hands-on approach ensures a unique and intimate understanding of your adventure. Our management possesses not only a comprehensive understanding of helicopters but also the ability to fly everything and anything in between—small airplanes, airlines, cargo jets, float planes, and glider planes—providing an unparalleled depth of expertise.

Our vigilant team closely monitors weather conditions, with operations ceasing if they dip below Visual Flight Rules (VFR) minimums. Trust in our qualified and dedicated pilots to ensure your safety throughout your Helicopter Tour Boston experience.

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